“Training a dog means training yourself. Practicing observation, understanding, patience. When you feel like beating your dog because he didn’t understand you, just know that you should beat yourself. Because you, man, are incapable of making the dog understand you. Never ever beat your dog. Brutality acquires intelligence of the student, instead of risking it. With the whip, the stick and the collar of strength you may perhaps have a creeping and afraid slave, never a companion who works cheerfully and offers himself up to the sacrifice of life. ” – Piero Scanziani


ALWAYS START WITH EVALUATION! What is an evaluation?
Evaluation is an objective assessment of a project, program or at all its stages, i.e. planning, implementation and measuring results. It should provide reliable and useful information, allowing the knowledge gained in this way to be used in the decision-making process.

The main types of evaluation are process, impact, outcome and summative evaluation.

This is the most important step at the very beginning of the road to training or raising a dog.


If you need help at a certain stage of dog ownership, it means that you do not know much about dog behavior and the way of learning and understanding. Without knowledge, you will not be able to avoid bad habits, fix bad habits, protect your dog from injuries, prevent bad behavior, etc…

If you have a puppy and you need help at this stage, the evaluation will help you prepare yourself and your dog to join a path to avoid building bad habits and lack of understanding, will explain the importance of the various stages of your dog’s development, learning, and much more.

If you have a dog that already has an obedience or behavior problem, an evaluation will help you understand why the problem arose, how to avoid perpetuating it and how to start over, and much more on the job.

If you are looking for training because your dog is aggressive, has social problems, the evaluation will help you understand where and why these problems came from, why you can’t stop and work it out yourself, and let you know where mistakes were made.

If you need help because the dog does not listen to you at all, does not respect you, does not show any willingness to work or contact, the evaluation will help you build a relationship and motivate the dog to work with you .

Generally speaking, an evaluation can be the beginning and the end of what you need.

Very often, one meeting solves it all, because in dogs very usually the problem lies in only one thing.

To sum up: Evaluation will save you time and money in unnecessary training and making things worse.

Wrongly chosen training will always worsen the problem you started with!

I highly suggest to stay away from boot camp trainings, drop off trainings and all kinds of training that is provide without your supervision until you know with trainer help where problem appears to be, between you and your dog and you really understand it. Many trainers do not have knowledge and skills more then teach your dog simply obedience. They do not have proper education behind to do right evaluation on your dog and understand where and why problem was created. If you have doubts , ask questions, if he cant explain you where the problem is, or you don’t understand what is he saying, do not decide on it. Why? Because paying for training that you don’t need it will take your money and make it worse. By my experience , better is fix spoiled never trained and disciplined dog, then dog that was broken by wrong training/trainer . When trainer push the dog where don’t need pressure, dog will brake, problem will stay, trust will be ruined, bed experience taken. All this bring always consequences. 

TAKE ONE STEP AT THE TIME WHEN COMES TO YOUR DOG TRAINING , on scale are your money, time commitment and your dogs life in some cases.


– First behavioral evaluation COST $250 and up to $350 and must be done in the dog living place . All family members and those who provide care for the dog must be present at the meeting. Further cost is made individual. 

First meeting (maybe the last) will evaluate the dog , the owner, family members, explain existing problems, solve most of the behavioral issues, schedule behavior modification program , explain how to do it, how achieve perfect result in easy way fit into your daily routine, you abilities and time wise you can spare.


– Training including leash walking , recall, all basic commands etc… – COST $50 PER PRIVET SESSION (2 times training for 15 to 25 minutes with 15 minutes brake for the dog/puppy)


– To prevent health issues, fraud and scamming , we help other search for pure breed dogs from reputable breeders. We find the right puppy, help with transportation until pick up. We are working with other breeders paperwork, health check on their dogs and other important stuff. COST $500 in USA and CANADA , $1000 EUROPE and CHINA .


(4 to 6 weeks+2 weeks after training to fit the family and dog into new habits and obedience routine)

– Boot camp is the training devoted to the aggressive or over control dogs . Training takes 4 weeks but some dogs need more time to warm up in new place so the training can take more than 4 weeks. The longest time is 6 weeks. During those 4 weeks , we visiting owner house at least 2 times. Last week owner comes to us every day or every other day to work with the dog. After 4 weeks of training we come 2 times a week for 2 weeks to the owner house to fit the dog and family into new behavior habits and training the family and the dog. COST $2000 TO $3000 PER 4 weeks . Warm up time is $50 boarding fee per day.

BELOW you can see our gallery trainings with one of the best DECOYS around AND other trainings we provide! ENJOY!!!


BASIC OBEDIENCE TRAINING with KRYSIA “Fidecore Godfather Giovanna” 5 Months old


PARADISO BLEKITNA PRZYSTAN / IVO  on IPO Sport Training with Viorel Scinteie

TOP BAJER BOY/ VITO on IPO Sport Training with Jacob Pope and Rod Davis


FIDECORE GODFATHER GIOVANNA / KRYSIA with Jacob Pope on Protection foundation training