June 19, 2016


Agata, Marcin and Daniel of Fidecore Cane Corso know their stuff!They are knowledgeable, professional and PASSIONATE about this breed, but more importantly about their Fidecore bloodline ~ and it shows!  Agata incorporates her training as an Animal Behaviorist and Trainer into every aspect of her Kennel and breeding program, observing her dogs for two years to confirm her standards for temperament before considering to breed them.  No matter the champion bloodline, or how beautiful or smart a dog may be, if they don’t meet her expectations and standards for temperament, she will not perpetuate that line.  She does much more with her dogs than just breeding!  There is Obedience, Carting, IPO training, Civil Protection, Roller Blading, Diving, Biking, Agility, Showing and let’s not forget FUN!

Fidecore is more than a Kennel – it is truly a way of life!

We searched for two years to find our Odin.  Meeting Agata, Marcin and Daniel of Fidecore was the best experience we could have hoped for! From the start she guided us, being particular about not only where her puppy would live, but if it would be a good fit for everyone.  She is always willing to share her knowledge about training and behaviors to help us succeed in our bond with Odin, as well as her knowledge about the best nutrition for his health and fast growing bones.  He is developing into an exceptionally handsome boy who is incredibly intelligent, confident and eager to please, and has become an integral member of our family.  Our home is very busy with adults and children of all ages coming and going, visiting animal friends, as well as our own daughters, older Labrador and cat.  Odin’s  calm and welcoming nature blended right into our life!  We are very excited about him and have great expectations for what he will do in the future!  He exemplifies the breed standard and everywhere we go, people stop to tell us what a magnificent specimen he is!  Fidecore is Fantastic – a Champion Kennel of the Cane Corso breed!

-Jackie Pomeroy (Fidecore Godfather “Gherardo” ~ Odin of Valhalla)

I searched with my family for a very long time to find our ODIN.  If you are searching for an animal of this nature, I can only say to you that we are having the most positive experience with our new puppy but most importantly for us, we are having the most positive experience with Fidecore.  Agata spends so much time with us, sharing her experience as a trainer and as a dog behavioral handler.  I have owned dogs for over 30 years. I have never been treated with such kindness and generosity.  It is so hard to meet and find good knowledgeable people.  When we met with Agata, it was obvious that they knew their business, their animals, and they work very hard at it.  ODIN is almost 6 months old now and we cannot take him anywhere without people stopping and commenting on how beautiful he is and how well behaved he is.  We work with our dog sure, but we get great support and direction from Fidecore. They are always there.

Words aren’t always enough.  We found a friend and a beautiful, smart – very smart family pet.

-Bob Pomeroy