December 25, 2015



“We first met Beebee at the end of February, when Agata and Marcin brought her to our condo for a first introduction. Personally, as soon as I saw Beebee bounding up the stairs – I was smitten with her. She is a beautiful dog with sweet, soulful eyes and a playful personality.

Beebee was 18 months old when we met her, and very well socialized with people and other dogs. However, having not lived with children, we opted to do a two week trial with her, to ensure our two young children would behave themselves around her, and vice versa. Beebee appeared to be apprehensive around the kids the first few days, but quickly assimilated to the family by the week’s end.

It is clear that the 18 months she spent with Agata, have molded her into the docile, well-trained family dog we have grown to love. She walks nicely on her leash, showing patience when other dogs are being aggressive around her. When the children are along on the walk, Beebee is a bit more assertive with other dogs and people; seemingly hearding my two kids into her protection. If the kids get too far ahead (beyond reach of her leash) – she gets nervous, and confused – wanting to pull on the leash to get to them, but her training prevents her from pulling. It is rather endearing – and also comforting to know she is so protective of the kids.

I have taken her to the vets and to a dog beach, and in both instances she was the most well behaved dog of the bunch. She rarely barks (unless provoked), she does not jump on people, she does not beg for food or steal food from the kids. People on the street have stopped to ask me about Bee, and to admire her beauty and charm. One woman even slowed her car down, honked -and asked me what Bee’s breed is -as she was so impressed by her presence.

Overall, Beebee is a total joy, and fits seamlessly within our family. We are so grateful to Agata for her advice in taking care of a guard dog; as well as the solid foundation of training that she imparted onto Beebee. We truly feel blessed and lucky to have been given the chance to adopt Beebee.”