Extreme power protection 3 weeks seminary training with TOP dog trainer/helper from Europe
Viorel Scinteie

Im so impress how good is Viorel , i will never decide start protection with different trainer as a beginner . Experience and extremely genius of his work convinced me that what we do is safe and gives dogs a lot of joy, and use excess of dogs energy.

With in 2 weeks i got experience like for months or even years… I see in my dogs potential i have never seen in my corsos. I can tell WITH A GOOD TRAINER YOUR DOGS JUST BECOME SMARTER . dogs are very intelligent , with proper Trainer you will get more then you expect … Im so happy about what i did, i got  CANE CORSO, WONDERFUL CHAMPIONS AND also MY DOGS WILL ALWAYS PROTECT ME AND MY HOME without any risk and THATS THE POINT!
This training is totally different then i experience for years meeting new trainers and their technic . Im glad i wait for Viorel Scinteie ♥